(photovoltaics + energy storage system) + heat pump

A hybrid PV set

Become independent from constantly increasing energy and heating prices as well as surprise power outages.

A Photovoltaic set, fitted with an external storage (a battery) allows us to store generated energy creating independence from our local power supplier. Adding a heat pump frees us from constantly increasing prices of heating.

A hybrid's vital element would be a set of external batteries. Putting it simply - they are being charged during the day and stored power can be used during the night or on a cloudy day when the sun rays are weaker and yor PV system's energy production is reduced. Photovoltaic modules along with extra storage batteries allow us to use the sun's energy anytime, regardless of outside conditions

The 3 choices you face when going for a photovoltaic set

  • On-grid as the name suggests, it's connected to the local power grid. If the grid fails, so does our PV set - we're unable to produce any energy.
  • Off-Grid Not connected to a local power grid. We rely solely on our PV set's energy production and our external storage reserves.
  • Hybrid Connected to the local power grid, additionally fitted with eternal storage units. When the grid fails, we start using energy stored in our batteries.

There are a couple of questions that require answering when going for a set accompanied by a storage unit. "How long is the stored energy supposed to last?" , "What appliances do we consider necessary in an event of a power outage?" , "Should external batteries be charged during a power outage?" 

Our consultants will be more than happy to answer those for you and help you to pick the best solution along the way.

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