The GlobalECO Group was founded in 2010 by an environment protection and RES technology enthusiast. What at first was a small, family business, shyly circling around photovoltaics and oxygen trees, with time became a company that started introducing innovative PV and RES technology to the Polish market.

Over the past few years, we have not only increased the reach of our operations but also expanded the range of renewable energy solutions offered.

Our mission:
Providing individual and business clients as well as local authorities with energy efficient RES solutions.

The GlobalECO group's current actions are oriented towards reducing pollution and environmental degradation through:

  • optimising and managing the costs of energy, natural gas and liquid fuels consumptiion
  • holding educational webinars and presentations at local governments' buildings
  • preparing Heat Source Inventories per local governments' requests
  • designing and installing new RES investments
  • aiding in gaining funds for said investments

We provide services for local authorities (cities, communes, counties), business as well as individual clients.

Check out where we already operate. (Areas of our operations)

Why are we worth your trust?

  • we're a local company present on the RES market since 2010
    we're a local company present on the RES market since 2010. We completed a total number of almost 2000 projec ts {CHECK THE MAP OF OUR COMPLETED PROJECTS}
  • we're with our client from the start, up till the very end of the investment
  • we have our own assembly crews
  • our policy is to propose the optimal, not the most expensive solution
  • we use only high quality components from trustworthy european brands thanks to which - we're able to offer a long waranty period
  • warranty service is performed either in Poland or at the very least - in Europe.
  • mamy wysokie ubezpieczenie OC,
  • Our team is comprised of technicians, designers office workers and technical sales advisors - all of whom are dedicated and give their best to ensure all stages of your investment are performed with no problems.

          We're bound by good energy