The GlobalECO team is a grup of qualified people, including specialists and engineers. Our main aim is to care for the environment and climate through education and raising environmental awareness. We perform our daily tasks with the utmost care so that the services we provide are always at a highest level possible.

The Board

Tomasz Zabrocki
Company president
Wojciech Zabrocki
Chief Financial Officer/ Company Vice President
Kamil Drobiński
Technical Director
Tomasz Lewkowicz
Director of cooperation with local govenments
Krzysztof Kochanowski
Board Representative for Legal Matters
Izabela Flissikowska
Board's assistant
Maja Okroj
Board's assistant

Back Office

Maciej Chojnacki
Head of technical branch
Marcin Ejsmont
RES implementation designer
Dominik Wadas
Technical Administrator
Emil Taube
Technical Sales Advisor
Robert Kiedrowicz
On site works Manager
Adriana Rożek
Technical Branch Assistant
Piotr Koniarski
Regional Sales Manager
Karolina Ciesielska
Technical Sales Advisor
Grzegorz Janiak
Technical Sales Advisor
Kinga Zybert
Call Centre Manager
Jolanta Pawelczyk
Call Centre Manager
Mateusz Glina
Call Centre Employee
Marta Moszczyńska – phone customer service specialist
Jagienka Wróblewska –  phone sales specialist 
Agnieszka Kempińska
customer service specialist
Kamila Stępień – specjalista ds. obsługi telefonicznej klienta
Anna Lesiak – specjalista ds. obsługi telefonicznej klienta
Wioletta Ostapkiewicz
External Funds Specialist
Monika Prokorym
HR and accounting specialist
Aleksandra Kociołek – Wołoszyn

Assembly Crews