Mobile Houses - the Europa Campers series

Today's Dutch Houses are way more than just camping trailers. They are fully equipped, made from quailty materials homes on wheels. These houses have separate living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. They're perfect for year- round accomodation. Fully furnished and with sanitary appliances such as a fully functional shower and a toilet - can you get closer to providing yourself a sense of absolute freedom? The only thing left is to select its destination. What more could one possibly wish for?

We bring you a new line of "mobile" homes that can be equipped according to your individual preferences. The house can be fully furnished, fit with home and sanitary appliances and it's a wonderful alternative to a typical build. A mobile house is a perfect fit for a small plot of land or for grounds rented for recreational uses. The base for the entire timber construction is a galvanized steel frame. Walls are insulated using mineral wool (15cm - roof, 10cm - floor and 5cm - side walls with additional 1,5cm of styrofoam ). Extra water pipe insulation can be added in the floor. That way the hydraulics receive extra protection from freezing.

Europa Campers series' renders and visualisations

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